Professional Technology

The team of Fra-Ber experts, after years in the cleaning product sector, has created the Aktiv-E line: a new range of car care products. The special feature of Aktiv-E is represented by the presence of active enzymes in the formulas, of high quality and derived from professional formulas sold in more than 50 Countries** worldwide. The line has been especially designed to meet any cleaning need for all the parts of your car. Fra-Ber has developed this line with the same passion each one of us devotes to caring for our car.
** 50 countries refers to the countries where Fra-Ber has sold or is selling the products of its commercial catalogue taking as reference the years starting from 2011. The products may even have been sold in these countries not directly by fra-ber but through intermediaries or distributors.

The countries taken into consideration are: Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Germany, France, Portugal, Belgium, Serbia, Hungary, Cyprus, Slovakia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Holland, Slovenia, Great Britain, Estonia, Latvia, Austria, Finland, Spain, Ireland, Russia, Switzerland, Bosnia, Kenya, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Belorussia, Chile, Rep.Mauritius, Georgia, Lebanon, Algeria, Panama, South Korea, La reunion, Serbia, Albania, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Uganda, Kosovo, Ghana, Turkey, Ukraine, Armenia, Macedonia, Indonesia, South Africa, Morocco, China, Egypt, Norway.

It is possible to have more information on the company and on the range of products sold in the 50 countries on: www.fra-ber.it, www.martalafarfalla.it, www.thebean.it

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