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Professional technology, for a deep cleaning, with active enzymes

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The team of Fra-Ber experts, after years in the cleaning product sector, has created the Aktiv-E line: a new range of car care products. The special feature of Aktiv-E is represented by the presence of active enzymes in the formulas, of high quality and derived from professional formulas. The line has been especially designed to meet any cleaning need for all the parts of your car. Fra-Ber has developed this line with the same passion each one of us devotes to caring for our car.



The Aktiv-E Line is a professional line of products for the care of automobiles with added active enzymes.


Tested to
reduce the risk

The Aktiv-E line has been tested to reduce the risk of damage caused by corrosion for various car body and components.



Patent applications for the use of products for the car wash with added active enzymes.



The Aktiv-E Line has been created from professional formulas used in car wash and sold in more than 50 countries.


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The innovation project will never end. Special attention to detail of our products means caring for our customers. Over the years, Fra-Ber has become increasingly open to the world: today it is present in 60 countries and is a leading player of the industry in many of them. Fra-Ber exports 60% of its production, thanks to its clients worldwide, who trust this company that continues to create innovative products and believes that innovation must never end.
Fra-Ber is proud of its products and protects them patenting and defending its wide range of specific items, in order to meet every requirement. Discover the other Fra-Ber products:



"Innovation" is a key word for our company policy. The attention to detail applied in our products is directly proportional to the attention given to our clients. Fra-Ber is proud of its creations and protects the creativity and expertise by patenting and protecting the design and composition of its range of specific products for every requirement.


For over 30 years, Fra-Ber has specialised in vehicle, motorcycle, boat and truck care products. Today, it is an active company and found in more than 60 countries. Fra-Ber exports 60% of its production thanks to the trust shown by several clients who value its quality and cutting edge products.

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