Dashboard Polish

Active polishing foam to protect and eliminate unpleasant odours from dashboards and plastic parts.

Dashboard Polish

Aktiv-E Dashboard Polish is a mix of fine substances with added enzymes to nourish, protect and eliminate unpleasant odours from surfaces, while preserving colour and original appearance.

Its special enzymatic molecules penetrate plastic parts and continue to eliminate odours and break up organic dirt even after the application to convey a feeling of a clean and hygienic environment. It protects the dashboard and plastic parts from UV rays and revives them in time with an anti-static effect.


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Product Details

Name: Dashboard Polish

Packaging: spray 600ml

Data Sheets: download

Directions for use
1. Shake the bottle before use. Spray on the surface to be treated at a distance of 15-20 cm.
2. Apply the product with a soft, dry cloth, possibly made of cotton.
3. Ventilate the interior after application. In case of very old plastic parts repeat the operation.

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