Insect Remover

Removes any kind of insect from bodywork without damaging the parts it comes in contact with.

Insect Remover

Aktiv-E Insect Remover is an ideal product with added enzymes to soften and break down organic residue left by insects and mosquitoes, allowing them to be easily removed.

Its special certified formula guarantees its safe use on body parts with all types of paint.


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Product Details

Name: Insect Remover

Packaging: 750ml

Data Sheets: download

Directions for use
1. Shake the bottle before use and spray the product on the surface to be treated.
Leave for about 1 minute so that the enzymes can loosen the dirt. Then remove with a soft cloth.
3. Rinse. In case of stubborn dirt repeat the operation. Do not leave product residue on the bodywork. Note: Do not apply in the sun or on hot parts.

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