Polish & Protection

Redefines, polishes and protects.

Polish & Protection

Aktiv-E Polish&Protection is an innovative 3-in-1 produce with added enzymes: wax, polish and protection. The wax provides water repellency, and the polish conveys strong and brilliant reflections and protection against UV rays and acid rain.

Enzymes penetrate the micropores, breaking down organic dirt, thereby allowing a longer-lasting shine and cleanliness. It is the ideal product to be used after a wash for those who want extra shine and protection. The particular tests also guarantee that the colour of plastic parts does not fade.

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Product Details

Name: Polish&Protection

Packaging: 750ml

Data Sheets: download

Direction for use
1. Shake the bottle before use. Clean and dry the area to be treated;
2. Spray the product evenly every time on limited parts of the bodywork.
3. Do not let the product dry; dry and polish in repeated circular movements with a cotton or microfibre cloth.
If the bodywork is particularly damaged repeat the operation.
Note: Do not apply on hot parts or in the sun.

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