Shampoo & Wax

Self-polishing active protection against dust and rain.

Shampoo & Wax

Aktiv-E Shampoo&Wax is an innovative concentrated product with added enzymes that break down the most stubborn organic dirt, leaving the bodywork bright with a silk effect.

Thanks to the self-drying and waxing effect, the water droplets roll off the bodywork, leaving a protective effect against dust and rain. Its unique certified formula guarantees its safe use on any bodywork with all types of paint.


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Product Details

Name: Shampoo&Wax

Packaging: 1000ml

Data Sheets: download

Direction for use
1. Shake the bottle before use. Dilute about 7 ml of product in 1 litre (approximately 1 cap per litre).
2. Rinse the vehicle and remove traces of soil or residue that could damage the bodywork.
3. Wash the vehicle with a sponge and leave for about 1 minute so that the enzymes can loosen the dirt.
4. Rinse thoroughly with water and remove the water droplets with a soft cloth or chamois. In case of stubborn dirt repeat the operation. Do not leave product residue on the bodywork.
Note: Do not apply in the sun or on hot parts. Do not let the product dry on the paint.

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