Windscreen Washer

Liquid for tanks. For rainproof and anti-misting cleansing action.

Windscreen Washer

Aktiv-E Windscreen Washer is an innovative formula with added enzymes for windscreen wiper tanks in vehicles that can soften and break down organic residue left by insects and mosquitoes, allowing them to be easily removed by the wipers.

Its special certified formula guarantees its safe use on vehicle parts, its rainproof and anti-misting substances guarantee full visibility while driving, it leaves no grease marks and does not damage plastic or rubber seals.


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Product Details

Name: Windscreen Washer

Packaging: 250ml

Data Sheets: download

Directions for use
1. Pour the contents of a package into the windscreen washing tank and dilute it with water (the contents of a package is sufficient for 10 litres of water).
2. Turn on the vehicle windscreen washers and dispense the liquid product on the glass for it to be distributed evenly.

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